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Pro bono defined

Pro bono publico (often shortened to pro bono) stems from Latin: 'toward the good of the public'. It refers to work undertaken, without remuneration, to support communities, individuals and organisations in need of legal intervention or assistance at a higher level – with the public good in mind. It is an ethos of serving those who are financially or socially disempowered and where the violation of individual and constitutional rights will have ramifications on the public good overall.

Our definitive viewpoint

Even if these initiatives were not recognised 'scores' for Corporate Social Investment in terms of the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Act, or encouraged by any law society, we at MNA carry the mind-set of perpetuating our commitment to the law of the land and all it entails, pro bono work included.

Our commitment, our deliverables

We are in this profession to know the difference between right and wrong, to act fairly and dispense justice.

Each team member shares this vision and commitment, without question.

We measure and manage our achievements

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Hundreds of hours, equating to hundreds of thousands in potential revenue, of pro bono contribution are committed by this practice.

We adopted this ethic from the very start and will continue to do so as we grow and expand. We each commit at least twenty hours per annum to this good.

We commit our time, knowledge and resources in our utmost capacity and our clients in the pro bono programme benefit from these resources.

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